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For sake of simplicity, we choose to divide antiquities and ancient art into separate categories, although admittedly there can be (and is) much overlap in these two terms of "antiquities" and "ancient art".

Just as with attributed ancient coins, so too with antiquities and fine ancient art there are so many variables to what any specific client is looking to purchase that we cannot possibly photograph, list, and post all of our items (20,000+ items in inventory at any one time) here on our web sites because there simply isn't enough time in a day.

Therefore we post only a small, indicative, example percentage of ancient coins, antiquities, and items of fine ancient art on our web sites in order to give potential clients an idea of the items and types-of-items we deal in, and invite each client to contact us to inquire and thus establish a personal relationship, receiving personal near round-the-clock service and reliable communication (6 days per week, and usually 12 hours per day availability) - simply contact us to inquire what you are looking to purchase, and we will check our inventories and confirm back what we have available at any given time.

In order to help you get an idea of the items and item-types we deal in, here below are links to some of our antiquities and items of ancient art that we have listed and posted over the last few years on our web site for Antiquities & Ancient Coins Forums (i.e. Message Boards) where we found it easier to post and manage items available for sale. Such items posted there are subject to availability, and posts are purposefully intended to remain to serve as example pictures of items and item-types that we deal in and that may yet be available in more quantities of other hoards, lots, or individual attributed ancient coins and/or other items similar or of the same common antiquities type (e.g. pottery, oil lamps, coins, scarab seals, cylinder seals, Persian Luristan swords and daggers, ancient glass, common fertility idols, etc.) (so please contact us to inquire!):

Various Antiquities and Ancient Art Items

Ancient Sculptures

Ancient Scarabs and Cylinder Seals

Ancient Glass

Ancient Bronze (including Weapons)

Ancient Pottery

All of our items are guaranteed genuine authentic ancient with lifetime guarantee.

All of our items come with Export Approval legal documentation from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Please feel free to Contact Us to let us know what items or item-types interest you, and how you would like to proceed.
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